Chakra Cleansing is a simple way to replenish, heal and center our being getting rid of unwanted energy that no longer serves us.

There are hundreds of locations in the human body where there is focused energy. There are seven main energy centers called chakras. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy. These centers are located within our etheric body through which we receive, transmit, and process life energies.

The seven major chakras within us are arranged vertically from the base of the spine to the top of our heads, centered in the middle of the body.

Each of the chakras corresponds to major areas of our lives. Each chakra corresponds with different qualities, such as colors, gemstones, foods, and planets.

If we take the literal meaning of the word chakra (disk) and give it a modern interpretation, we can think of a chakra as a psychic 'floppy disk' that contains programming about how to handle various aspects of our life. These floppy disks plug into the 'hardware' of our physical bodies, and are interpreted by the 'operating system' of our basic consciousness.

It is believed that chakras are completely open when in the womb. If we are truly wanted by our parents and experience a natural birth, the chakras tend to be unarmored, energetic and completely in tune with "All That Is". This is not normally the case with most people. Rejection can be experienced even in the womb and the chakras would begin closing.

Chakras are like the drain in your bathtub or shower. There is a continual stream of hair, soap, shampoo and conditioner going down the drain. If you do not clean it out occasionally, it will become clogged.

The chakras in our body are no different. If we do not clean them out occasionally, they become clogged and do not function properly. Every experience we have ever had, either positive or negative, is stored in our chakras. A Chakra Cleaning is probably one of the best ways to let go of fears, hang-ups, and traumatic experiences.


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