Mystical Healings services and pricing schedule are listed below.

Palmistry $30

By utilizing the lines in your palms, which almost act as a map of one's life – reading lines of love, health, passion and success.   

Tarot Card Reading $50

A reading focusing on the next six months through two years. A future-oriented reading,  telling you of unseen obstacles that may arise in your near future. Also based through love and commitment.

Crystal Readings $110

An authentic popular reading done by channeling energy into a crystal, allowing you to see future revelations, present situations and past influences.

Psychic Readings $50

This is an intense reading that embraces spiritual virtues of visions about your life, eliminates life's negative influences and reveals your deepest problems. This reading focuses on troubled love affairs, providing answers on how to restore and rebuild your troubled relationship, and offering guidance towards a pathway to a successful love life.

Dream Analysis and Interpretation $40/dream 

Dreams are believed to be doorways to the subconscious, pathways of our lives. By analyzing your dreams, you can unlock the door to your future, endowing your personal psychic ability. Dreams are visions of your life – told as if a third person is telling a story. Do you wonder what your dreams mean? Then Dream Analysis is for you.

Leaf Reading $155

A reading is best done face-to-face, but can be performed via phone. An ancient reading revealing mostly present situations. Very in-depth as to where you currently are in life, and which pathway is meant for you. For the person who knows they're at the crossroads, and needs answers for the immediate future.

Past Life Regression and Chakra/Aura Cleansing and Healings $ 475 and up

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