Tea Leaf Readings, also known as Tasseography, were developed thousands of years ago in China and carried throughout European Countries. They were totally dependent on signs, symbols or a combination of both.

Tea leaf readings are an Old World tradition which is still carried out through gifted readers. Leaf Readings are a lot like Tarot in the sense that if a sign or symbol comes in reverse, then the outcome of the reading is different. If the leaves fall on the bottom of the cup, that generally means change. If they remain on top that represents a pattern in a person's life that is just beginning. Many signs through Tasseography are simple yet always strong in their meaning.

Here are a few of the general signs/symbols that arise during a leaf reading.

star---health and happiness, hope
tent---travel, cover, hidden truth
---new life
acorn---at the top means success and gain; At the bottom means good health

Readings can be done with tea leaves or coffee grounds.  In both of the readings the grounds are used by swirling them around, which is often referred to as the "String of the Soul." While reading tea grounds was made popular in China, coffee ground readings are attributed to Italy.  A way of generally determining which method would be better for you is to consider which you drink more often

Many leaves give strong warnings. Lots of specific images symbolize many important issues in a person's life. Contradicting images imply indecision in the person's mind. The larger the images are the more important the issue is in the person's life. Objects on the left of the handle may denote the past and objects to the right may be in the future. It is commonly believed that symbols near the rim of the tea cup refer to the present or the near future, while those towards the bottom of the cup are seen as the past. Sometimes the top of the cup is seen as lucky and the bottom is seen as unlucky.

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